Sunday, 4 April 2010



- I will do my tips based mainly on neobux as this is by far the best ptc site and when used properly can be hugely prophitable sometimes it can make you rich!

- The first tip i will give you guys about neobux is the extending. I cannot stress enough how important this is! YOU NEED TO ALWAYS EXTEND/RENEW YOUR REFERALS FOR 90 DAYS. Never use auto-renew or renew for 30, 60 days. ALWAYS RENEW/EXTEND FOR 90 DAYS!!! By doing this you will make money. If you renew for 90 days you have a 20% discount which can be hugely prophitable.

- My next tip is on recycling. If you do not recycle, then basically you will not earn. I have a strategie with recycling that has made me now very successfull with only a handfull of referals. Once you are making more than $0.50 per days from referal clicks then use this strategy. Everyday recycle 5% of you referals, so basically if you have 100 referals recycle 5 per day, every single days untill you dont really need to recycle anymore.

- If you want to keep renting more i highly recommend leaving a 2 week gap between each rent if its higher than 20 referals as it help a lot when renewing, i personally think untill you have 200 referals rent 20 per 2 weeks, then when you reach 200 rent 50 every 2 weeks until reaching 500. Then at this point if you are using my recycling strategy aswell you should have your account in a stable matter nad renting 100 per week should be no issue at all!

- The next tip for neobux if you have not already done it is upgrade to golden, its the one site thatupgrading is 100% worth it! Guarateed to make your money back in a couple of months easy when using my strategy.

- Direct referals are very important as you dont need to pay for them, i recommend using other ptc sites that have cheaper advertisng to advertise on then you will get direct referals.

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