Sunday, 4 April 2010


All the ptc sites i use with payment proof

Hi there,

My name is Din and i am very serious in the PTC business. I have made almost $900 from creating bux sites building them up with members and making them very trusted sites and selling them on to other admin that need a site that has already got a head start. I have only been using ptc sites for my self since about 4-5 months ago and now i understand them perfectly and have some great strategies to share with you guys.

Now i know some of you who are reading this post will be thinking i know all the strategies e.t.c. If you dont want to know strategies or learn how to use them e.t.c then skip to the bottom where it is labelled "good sites to use" and "payment proofs" thanks.

If you would like to know tips, strategies, and how to use ptc then please continue reading the sections of your choice below thanks.


- The first thing you need to know before starting with any ptc site is renting referals, as in my opinion this is the most important thing to ptc as this is what will source in your money. Now renting referals seems very easy at first but theres a trap a lot of people fall into and sometimes quit ptc because of this mistake, So read carefully so you dont fall into this trap too.

- The first thing you will need to do to rent is add some funds to your balance, i recommend if your a newbie to a site invest MAX $5 at first. With this $5 use roughly $3 to rent and keep $2. Referals will need extending so you will need to earn to extend them. So lets say you join a site invest $5 then spend $3 on renting say 15 referals. If its 20 cent per referal and extend. This means that in 30 days you will then need to earn another $3 from these referals. The next thing you need to do is recycle the referals that are not clicking. If you dont do this you will fail. My tips would be recycle those who have not clicked in 3 days, once recycled a bit you should have 15 fully active referals bringing you in 8-10 dollars per week!

- The mistake those who have a lot of money fall into is spending a lot of money on referals say buying 200+ referals and then when you have that many straight off its impossible to manage as you need to recycle at least 75 of these and then when it comes to extending your referals you simply cant do it! I made this mistake, but learnt from it and now im trying to help you guys not to fall into this trap!

- The other thing you need to know with ptc sites is membership. PLEASE dont get scammed, be carefull when you are buying membership, do your amths carefully as you may end up losing your money from buying membership. You need to look how many referals you have and how much you are earning daily from that site inc your clicks then look at the membership price carefully. Generally when you upgrade your membership the pay per ref click is higher so then work out how much you will be earning when upgraded to that membership and see if it is prophitable. Most of the time it will be but sometimes there is some sneaky admins that will make it so its practically impossible to prophit from.

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