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Mendapatkan uang dari PTC

Paid to click (PTC) : Program ini akan membayar Anda untuk mengklik iklan mereka di website. Ini adalah cara termudah untuk mendapatkan uang secara online dan tidak butuh keahlian dan banyak energi yang dibutuhkan, cukup klik dan melihat 10-30 detik! Umumnya link memiliki nilai sekitar 0,5-2 sen: itu cukup tinggi. Anda dapat melihat web di bawah ini untuk mendapat uang Anda dengan program ptc.

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Paid to signup (PTS) : Program ini akan membayar Anda untuk menyelesaikan pendaftaran dalam iklan di situs mereka. Jika Anda menyelesaikan pendaftaran, maka uang akan ditambahkan ke account Anda.

Beberapa situs PTC yang terbukti membayar :

* Mendapatkan bayaran dengan mengklik iklan
* Mendapatkan bayaran dengan membaca iklan
* Mendapatkan bayaran dengan signup/pendaftaran
* Gratis traffic exchange
* Mendapatkan bayaran dengan merujuk anggota dan pengiklan
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* PTP $ 0,1 BPT (gratis)

* Payout pada $ 0,5 ($ 0.2/upgr

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

MINI at the NAIAS Detroit 2010

MINI is showcasing various visions for individual mobility in the world of tomorrow at the 2010 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit. The MINI Concept Vehicle, for example, whets the appetite of the connoisseur and enthusiast for the fun moments in life. Radically open, it offers yet a further outlook at a future model from MINI. Four seats each with their own door, overall length of more than four metres or 158″, as well as four-wheel drive – these highlights characterise this new interpretation of that unique MINI feeling.

The MINI E, in turn, stands for ultra-clean and efficient driving qualities of the future in the spirit of sustained mobility. In a field test which started in the USA and now is also being conducted at various locations in Europe, the MINI E presents the potentials of all-electric motoring absolutely free of CO2 in everyday traffic.

Over and above these highlights for the future, the current MINI range enlarged once again in the 2010 model year is making a truly innovative, versatile and up-to-date appearance at the 2010 NAIAS. The MINI, MINI Clubman, and the new MINI Convertible stand out from all the others in Detroit from 16–24 January 2010 as a model family with individual highlights and different character from one model to the other, further enhanced by a wide range of engines and equipment options. One example is that the open-air model in the brand only introduced last year will also be available in the North American car markets as the MINI Cooper Convertible, the MINI Cooper S Convertible, and the MINI John Cooper Works Convertible.

Apart from highly expressive and powerful design, the agility typical of the brand, unique premium quality and a wide range of customisation options, exemplary fuel efficiency is the most important feature shared by all models in the MINI range. All current models benefit from the technologies introduced as part of the MINIMALISM philosophy to reduce both fuel consumption and emissions. And since the optimisation of efficiency does not mean giving up driving pleasure, MINI offers a particularly attractive range of models also meeting the growing awareness for superior sustainability and economy.

MINI consistently continuing its initiative in the US automobile market.

With this young, versatile and up-to-date range of models, MINI is continuing its successful initiative in the US automobile market also in the year 2010. Also because the USA remains the world’s single largest market for MINI, the brand will continue to consistently expand its dealer network in the USA in 2010, maintaining its policy of long-term expansion. So for the first time this year the MINI dealer network in the United States will comprise more than 100 dealers from coast to coast.

The MINI Concept Vehicle: a fascinating outlook at a new concept.

The development of the MINI model family also shows a clear-cut pattern of ongoing growth. MINI has already announced the introduction of a further model in fall 2010, a Crossover offering ideal qualities to enjoy the driving pleasure, style and character so typical of MINI also beyond the confines of urban mobility.

With its unusually variable interior, four doors and four seats, and with newly developed four-wheel drive, the fourth model in the range successfully reaches new target groups. And through its sophisticated drivetrain and suspension technology, the new model also offers all the agile handling and performance again so typical of a MINI.

The MINI Concept Vehicle presented at the 2010 NAIAS sets the foundation for the new model destined to enter the market in the not too distant future. Focusing consistently on the joy of motoring, the concept model clearly demonstrates the outstanding potential of the new car, carrying forward classic features of the radically open Mini Moke from the 1960s to a modern concept most appropriate for today’s world. The innovative character of the MINI Concept Vehicle is therefore borne out by the extreme pleasure of open-air motoring and driving pleasure also beyond the beaten track.

MINI E: MINI drivers in the USA pioneering the path to CO2-free mobility.

The MINI E also offers a new and future-oriented rendition of those character-istics so typical of MINI, its electric motor delivering maximum output of 150 kW/204 hp and fed by a lithium-ion battery enabling the MINI E to accelerate from a standstill to 100 km/h or 62 mph in just 8.5 seconds and offering a maximum cruising range of 250 kilometres/150 miles.

The brand’s first all-electric car built in a small series of 600 units is pioneering the development of alternative drive concepts within the BMW Group on its way to CO2-free mobility.

Drivers of the MINI E, gaining thorough experience with electro-mobility in everyday traffic in the US states of California, New York and New Jersey, are also contributing to this pioneering development. In the context of project i, the BMW Group is indeed developing innovative vehicle concepts for densely populated urban areas, also using their knowledge on all-electric drive systems and their practical use gained, inter alia, through and with the MINI E.

Making a clear statement at the 2010 NAIAS, MINI is entering an important year full of highlights also in the US car market. The enlargement of the model range and the expansion of the dealer network set ideal perspectives for continuing MINI’s story of success in the USA. The models and concepts presented at the NAIAS by MINI offer an exciting outlook into the near and medium-term future of the brand.

The Detroit Auto Show, as it is commonly called, held for the first time in 1907 and therefore rich in tradition, is acknowledged as the most significant annual event of its kind on the American continent. Last year, for example, the organisers and more than 100 exhibitors from all over the world were able to welcome more than 650,000 visitors to Detroit.

Car 2010

2010 Transformers Edition Chevrolet Camaro

Fans of the new Camaro and the blockbuster Transformers movies can now combine their love of the car and the films with the Chevrolet Camaro Transformers Special Edition announced this week at Comic-Con in San Diego.

“When the first Transformers movie was setting box office records, we had countless customers asking to purchase the ‘Bumblebee’ Camaro,” said Karen Rafferty, product marketing director, Chevrolet. “Now, they can buy one with the new Camaro Transformers Special Edition. Streets all over North America will be buzzing in no time.”

Features such as an EPA-rated 29 highway mpg on the V6-powered Camaro, Bluetooth phone connectivity, USB connectivity, XM Satellite Radio and OnStar combined with Transformers design cues add to the car’s status as a 21st century sports car.

While the aggressive styling of the Camaro is unmistakable, true Transformers fans will notice some of the unique, but subtle features of the Camaro Transformers Special Edition.

The 2010 Chevrolet Camaro Transformers Special Edition includes the following:

  • Autobot shield on the driver and passenger side panels, on each of the four wheel’s center cap and embroidered on interior center console
  • Transformers logo on driver and passenger doors’ sill plates and embedded into the hood rally stripes
  • High-gloss black center rally stripe package

Dealers are now taking orders for this car. Customers can order the Special Edition as either a Rally Yellow LT or SS model. The optional RS appearance package can also be added.

The V6-powered Camaro uses a 3.6L engine with variable valve timing to optimize performance and fuel economy. It is SAE-certified at 304 horsepower (227 kW) and 273 lb.-ft. of torque (370 Nm). A six-speed manual transmission is standard with the 3.6L engine; a Hydra-Matic 6L50 electronically controlled six-speed automatic, with TAPshift control, is available.

The high-performance Camaro SS is equipped with a powerful 6.2L V-8, with a choice of a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission. Manual transmission-equipped models receive the LS3 engine, SAE-certified at 426 horsepower (318 kW) and 420 lb.-ft. of torque (569 Nm). It is paired with a TR6060 six-speed transmission.

A new, L99 V-8 engine is used on automatic transmission-equipped SS models. It is based on the LS3, but also includes GM’s fuel-saving Active Fuel Management feature. It is SAE-certified at 400 horsepower (298 kW) and 410 lb.-ft. of torque (556 Nm). It is matched with a Hydra-Matic 6L80 six-speed transmission that helps delivers an EPA-estimated 25 mpg on the highway.

The Manufacturer’s suggested retail price of the Transformer package is $995.

Production Version of 2011 Honda CR-Z Sport Hybrid Coupe Makes Official Debut

The all-new 2011 Honda CR-Z sport hybrid coupe, making its U.S. production debut at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, introduces sleek styling and sporty handling to the hybrid segment, Honda announced today.

“The CR-Z is a personal sport hybrid coupe for people with a spirit of adventure and an elevated sense of responsibility toward the environment,” said John Mendel, executive vice president of sales for American Honda. “It’s the first hybrid designed to maximize style and fun, in addition to efficiency and economy.”

Set to go on sale late summer in the U.S., the CR-Z is powered by a 1.5-liter i-VTEC engine with Honda’s compact and lightweight Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) hybrid-electric system. The two-passenger CR-Z introduces a new three-mode drive system that allows the driver to select between Sport, Econ (Economy) and Normal driving modes.

The exterior’s distinctive “one-motion” wedge form originates from its low-slung hood to form a broad forward stance. A side profile with a deeply inset beltline conveys a dynamic tension, while the short wheelbase and large, wide front grille accents the vehicle’s athletic presence.

The futuristically styled interior offers a high-tech appearance and ergonomically intuitive controls. Instrument panel meters illuminate with a three-dimensional, vibrant blue color theme resulting in a multi-layered appearance. Set against a motif of textured black materials and aluminum-style trim accents, the upper portion of the dashboard extends toward the driver to provide a wrap-around cockpit environment. The passenger zone offers an open, comfortable space. Premium sport-oriented cloth seats are designed to provide excellent lateral support along with everyday driving comfort. A mid-ship console behind the front seats optimizes cargo space. A hard-shell separator can be closed to create additional hidden storage.

The two trim levels include the well-equipped CR-Z and the feature-rich CR-Z EX. A six-speed manual transmission is standard equipment and a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) is available. Standard features on the CR-Z include Vehicle Stability Assist, an AM/FM/CD/USB audio system with six speakers, automatic climate control, power windows and door locks, remote entry, cruise control, and more. The CR-Z EX adds, High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Headlights with Auto-On/Off, fog lights, a 360-Watt AM/FM/CD premium audio system with seven speakers including subwoofer, Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®, perforated leather-wrapped steering wheel, and more. The CR-Z EX is available with the Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System(1) with voice recognition.

The CR-Z represents the sixth unique version of Honda’s original IMA technology since the launch of the 2000 Insight, the first hybrid vehicle available in North America in December 1999. The foundation of the CR-Z’s hybrid powertrain is a 4-cylinder, 16-valve, single overhead cam engine with “intelligent” Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (i-VTEC) that receives additional power from the IMA system’s DC brushless electric motor. The i-VTEC system controls the opening and closing of one intake valve per cylinder to enhance combustion at low RPMs. The 10-kilowatt electric motor assists in acceleration and also acts as a generator during braking or coasting to capture kinetic energy that recharges the 100-volt IMA nickel-metal hydride battery pack. The gasoline engine can automatically turn off during vehicle stops to improve efficiency.

The system delivers a combined peak output of 122 horsepower(2) at 6,000 rpm and 128 ft-lb. of torque(2) at 1,000 to 1,500 rpm (123 ft-lb. on CVT-equipped models). Preliminary fuel economy estimates are anticipated to result in a rating of 36 city/38 highway miles per gallon(3) on CVT-equipped models. Manual transmission models are anticipated to achieve an EPA-estimated fuel economy rating of 31 city/37 highway miles per gallon(3). The CR-Z is rated as an Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle (AT-PZEV) in states that adhere to California Air Resource Board (CARB) ZEV standards (EPA Tier 2, Bin 2 in all states).

The standard six-speed manual transmission is engineered for optimal acceleration performance in gears one through five and for optimal fuel economy in sixth gear. When starting on steep inclines from a stop, hill start assist temporarily prevents the vehicle from rolling backwards during the moment between releasing the brake, depressing the throttle and releasing the clutch (for a duration of approximately 1.5 seconds). The available CVT provides the convenience of an automatic transmission with a seamless transition between minimum and maximum ratios, while also keeping the engine within an optimal RPM range for overall efficiency. To increase the performance potential of the CVT, paddle shifters located on the steering wheel allow the driver to manually simulate the stepped holding pattern. In Sport mode, the paddle shifters will hold and maintain a selected ratio.

The CR-Z’s three-mode drive system allows the driver to select between individual modes of performance for Sport, Normal and Economy driving styles. The system is activated via three backlit buttons to the left of the steering wheel.

The Sport mode enhances multiple vehicle systems for performance including the engine throttle responsiveness, electric power steering effort and the electric motor power assist. The inner ring of the tachometer illuminates red when the vehicle is in Sport mode.

During Econ mode operation, the engine’s responsiveness is tuned for optimal economy, the electric motor assist gives priority to fuel efficiency and the air conditioning system can reduce its overall load on the engine. The inner ring of the tachometer transitions between blue and green when the vehicle is in Econ mode, with the green representing more ecological driving.

Normal mode provides standard settings for steering, engine response, motor assist and air conditioning. Similar to Econ mode, the tachometer ring transitions between blue and green when the vehicle is in normal mode, with the green representing more ecological driving. Like the Honda Insight, the CR-Z offers an Eco Guide and Eco scoring feature to help drivers track progress of efficient driving styles.

The front MacPherson strut suspension and rear H-shaped torsion beam suspension settings are tuned to provide a sporty, solid and dynamic driving experience. All models are equipped with 16×6-inch aluminum wheels with 195/55 R16 86V tires. Accessory 17×7 alloy wheels with 205/45R17 84V tires with are available. The standard anti-lock braking system (ABS) with electronic brake distribution (EBD) uses ventilated front discs and solid rear discs. The low vehicle height and placement of the battery and other hybrid components beneath the rear cargo area further contribute to a low center of gravity, which is key to the new CR-Z’s responsive, sporty handling. Electric power-assisted rack-and-pinion steering enhances steering performance and improves efficiency.

In addition to being environmentally responsible, the CR-Z demonstrates a commitment to safety in its design and construction. The Advanced Compatibility Engineering(TM) (ACE(TM)) body structure helps protect vehicle occupants in a frontal collision. Additional safety technologies include standard dual-stage, multiple-threshold front airbags; standard front-side airbags with passenger-side Occupant Position Detection System (OPDS); side-curtain airbags, active head restraints; an anti-lock braking system; a tire pressure monitoring system; and a pedestrian injury mitigation design in the front of the vehicle.

Car 2010

All-electric Volvo C30 project presented for the first time

Volvo Cars’ ambitious electrification strategy has quickly produced concrete results. In addition to the market introduction of a plug-in hybrid in 2012, work is currently under way on evaluating the viability of an entirely electric-powered car known as a BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle).
In 2009, a small number of prototype versions of the C30 BEV have been built and tested internally by Volvo. In addition to focusing on performance and safety, much of the focus is on integration of the electric propulsion system with the rest of the car.
The Volvo C30 is the first model we will try out with electric power. This car’s excellent properties in city traffic and its relatively low weight make it particularly suitable, since electric cars are primarily expected to be used in and around cities and for daily commuting,” says Lennart Stegland, Director of Volvo Cars Special Vehicles.

Technical solution

Electricity is highly suitable as a fuel for passenger cars. It is the superior energy efficiency of the electric motor compared with the combustion engine which suggests that electric cars will become increasingly common in the future as fuel prices rise and demands for low CO2 emissions become ever more stringent.
The Volvo C30 BEV is powered with a Lithium-Ion battery that is charged via a regular power socket found in most homes.
Recharging an entirely depleted battery via the regular household power supply system (230V, 16A) will take about eight hours. If the car is charged with renewable electricity this means that emissions – all the way from electricity production to its use out on the road – will in principle be non-existent.
The electric motor is housed under the bonnet, just like the engine in a conventional car. One of the priorities within the BEV project is to find the optimal placing of the battery. Most likely the best places are the prop shaft tunnel and the place where the fuel tank normally is located. These locations are within the car’s optimised crumple zone in the most common collision scenarios. Since the car runs solely on electricity, it requires a larger battery with higher capacity (24 kWh) than in the case of the plug-in hybrid (12 kWh).

Battery capacity

The C30 BEV is limited to a top speed of about 130 kilometres an hour, which will be more than sufficient for most users of this type of car. Acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometres an hour will take less than 11 seconds. The car will have a range of up to 150 kilometres. This range is longer and far better than the distance 90 percent of all Europe’s motorists drive per day.

The same safety standards as always

Volvo Cars imposes the very same high safety standards on all its products irrespective of the type of fuel or power source used. Volvo’s safety dedication is always focused on the human being and is based on solid knowhow of real-life traffic situations. What is more, comprehensive in-house tests are carried out both virtually and in Volvo’s highly advanced crash-test laboratory. If Volvo chooses to introduce an entirely new type of electric car on the market, it will be just as safe as any other car bearing the Volvo badge.
Volvo has theoretically identified all the electrification-related safety scenarios in the stages before, during and after a collision. After careful study of these scenarios, the company’s engineers will create solutions for handling each and every situation identified, guaranteeing that any future electric cars fully match Volvo’s renowned safety standards in every respect.

Market potential

Volvo Cars’ main electrification track over the coming decades is plug-in hybrids. This applies in particular to the company’s larger car models. The combination of electric motor and combustion engine is the solution that probably has the greatest potential from both the technical and commercial viewpoints. Plug-in hybrids offer long range, good environmental performance and at the same time limited dependence on expensive battery technology.
There are several factors that determine how successful dedicated electric cars will be in the future:
“The consumer must feel that this type of car is attractive both to drive and own. In order to ensure this, we feel that electric cars will have to be as comfortable and safe and offer similar levels of performance as cars with other power sources. The learning from the C30 BEV project will help us to fulfil all these criteria and showcase Volvo’s determination to drive developments in the field of electrification,” says Paul Gustavsson, Director of Electrification Strategy at Volvo Cars.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Stadion Piala Dunia 2010

Pemerintah Afrika Selatan (Afsel) menyiapkan 10 stadion sepak bola yang saat ini sedang dalam taraf penyelesaian pembangunan untuk digunakan dalam Piala Dunia 2010 bulan Juni.

"Semua pembangunan stadion sudah dalam taraf penyelesaian akhir dan diharapkan sudah bisa digunakan sam
pai batas waktu yang telah ditetapkan oleh FIFA," kata CEO Komite Organisasi Pi
ala Dunia 2010 Afsel (SALOC), Danny Jordaan.

Kesepuluh stadion itu adalah:
  • Stadion Pantai Nelson Mandela in Port Elizabeth (48 ribu tempat duduk)
  • Stadion Mangaung di Bloemfontein (48 ribu)
  • Stadion Royal Bafokeng di Rustenberg (42 ribu)
  • Stadion Ellis Park di Johanesburg (61 ribu)
  • Stadion Loftus Versfeld di Tshwang (50 ribu)
  • Stadion Mbombela di Nelspruit (40 ribu)
  • Stadion Peter Mokaba di Polokwane (40 ribu)
  • Stadion Soccer City di Johanesburg (95 ribu)
  • Stadion Moses Mabhida di Durban (70 ribu)
  • Stadion Green Point di Cape Town (70 ribu)

Jadwal Piala Dunia 2010

Jadwal Piala Dunia 2010

Grup A:
11 Juni 2010
21:00 Afrika Selatan v Meksiko, Soccer City, Johannesburg
12 Juni 2010
01:30 Uruguay v Prancis, Cape Town Stadium, Cape Town

17 Juni 2010
01:30 Afrika Selatan v Uruguay, Loftus Versfeld Stadium, Pretoria
17 Juni 2010
18:30 Prancis v Meksiko, Peter Mokaba Stadium, Polokwane

22 Juni 2010
21:00 Meksiko v Uruguay, Royal Bafokeng Stadium, Rustenburg
21:00 Prancis v Afrika Selatan, Free State Stadium, Bloemfontein

Grup B:
12 Juni 2010
18:30 Argentina v Nigeria, Ellis Park Stadium, Johannesburg
21:00 Korea Selatan v Yunani, Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth

17 Juni 2010
21:00 Argentina v Korea Selatan, Soccer City, Johannesburg
18 Juni 2010
01:30 Yunani v Nigeria, Free State Stadium, Bloemfontein

23 Juni 2010
01:30 Yunani v Argentina, Peter Mokaba Stadium, Polokwane
01:30 Nigeria v Korea Selatan, Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban

Grup C:
13 Juni 2010
01:30 Inggris v Amerika Serikat, Royal Bafokeng Stadium, Rustenburg
13 Juni 2010
18:30 Aljazair v Slovenia, Peter Mokaba Stadium, Polokwane

18 Juni 2010
21:00 Inggris v Aljazair, Cape Town Stadium, Cape Town
19 Juni 2010
01:30 Slovenia v Amerika Serikat, Ellis Park Stadium, Johannesburg

23 Juni 2010
21:00 Amerika Serikat v Aljazair, Loftus Versfeld Stadium, Pretoria
21:00 Slovenia v Inggris, Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth

Grup D:
13 Juni 2010
21:00 Jerman v Australia, Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban
14 Juni 2010
01:30 Serbia v Ghana, Loftus Versfeld Stadium, Pretoria

18 Juni 2010
18:30 Jerman v Serbia, Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth
19 Juni 2010
18:30 Ghana v Australia, Royal Bafokeng Stadium, Rustenburg

24 Juni 2010
01:30 Australia v Serbia, Mbombela Stadium, Nelspruit
01:30 Ghana v Jerman, Soccer City, Johannesburg

Grup E:
14 Juni 2010
18:30 Belanda v Denmark, Soccer City, Johannesburg
21:00 Jepang v Kamerun, Free State Stadium, Bloemfontein

19 Juni 2010
21:00 Belanda v Jepang, Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban
20 Juni 2010
01:30 Kamerun v Denmark, Loftus Versfeld Stadium, Pretoria

25 Juni 2010
01:30 Denmark v Jepang, Royal Bafokeng Stadium, Rustenburg
01:30 Kamerun v Belanda, Cape Town Stadium, Cape Town

Grup F:
15 Juni 2010
01:30 Italia v Paraguay, Cape Town Stadium, Cape Town
15 Juni 2010
18:30 Selandia Baru v Slowakia, Royal Bafokeng Stadium, Rustenburg

20 Juni 2010
18:30 Italia v Selandia Baru, Mbombela Stadium, Nelspruit
21:00 Slowakia v Paraguay, Free State Stadium, Bloemfontein

24 Juni 2010
21:00 Paraguay v Selandia Baru, Peter Mokaba Stadium, Polokwane
21:00 Slowakia v Italia, Ellis Park Stadium, Johannesburg

Grup G:
15 Juni 2010
21:00 Brasil v Korea Utara, Ellis Park Stadium, Johannesburg
16 Juni 2010
01:30 Pantai Gading v Portugal, Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth

21 Juni 2010
01:30 Brasil v Pantai Gading, Soccer City, Johannesburg
21 Juni 2010
18:30 Portugal v Korea Utara, Cape Town Stadium, Cape Town

25 Juni 2010
21:00 Korea Utara v Pantai Gading, Mbombela Stadium, Nelspruit
21:00 Portugal v Brasil, Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban

Grup H:

16 Juni 2010
18:30 Spanyol v Swiss, Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban
21:00 Honduras v Cili, Mbombela Stadium, Nelspruit

21 Juni 2010
21:00 Spanyol v Honduras, Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth
22 Juni 2010
01:30 Cili v Swiss, Ellis Park Stadium, Johannesburg

26 Juni 2010
01:30 Swiss v Honduras, Free State Stadium, Bloemfontein
01:30 Cili v Spanyol, Loftus Versfeld Stadium, Pretoria

16 Besar
26 Juni 2010, 21:00
Juara Grup A v Peringkat Kedua Grup B, Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth (Partai 49)

27 Juni 2010, 01:30
Juara Grup C v Peringkat Kedua Grup D, Royal Bafokeng Stadium, Rustenburg (Partai 50)

27 Juni 2010, 21:00
Juara Grup D v Peringkat Kedua Grup C, Free State Stadium, Bloemfontein (Partai 51)

28 Juni 2010, 01:30
Juara Grup B v Peringkat Kedua Grup A, Soccer City, Johannesburg (Partai 52)

28 Juni 2010, 21:00
Juara Grup E v Peringkat Kedua Grup F, Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban (Partai 53)

29 Juni 2010, 01:30
Juara Grup G v Peringkat Kedua Grup H, Ellis Park Stadium, Johannesburg (Partai 54)

29 Juni 2010, 21:00
Juara Grup F v Peringkat Kedua Grup E, Loftus Versfeld Stadium, Pretoria (Partai 55)

30 Juni 2010, 01:30
Juara Grup H v Peringkat Kedua Grup G, Cape Town Stadium, Cape Town (Partai 56)

2 Juli 2010, 21:00
Pemenang Partai 53 v Pemenang Partai 54, Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth (Partai 57)

3 Juli 2010, 01:30
Pemenang Partai 49 v Pemenang Partai 50, Soccer City, Johannesburg (Partai 58)

3 Juli 2010, 21:00
Pemenang Partai 52 v Pemenang Partai 51, Cape Town Stadium, Cape Town (Partai 59)

4 Juli 2010, 01:30
Pemenang Partai 55 v Pemenang Partai 56, Ellis Park Stadium, Johannesburg (Partai 60)

7 Juli 2010, 01:30
Pemenang Partai 58 v Pemenang Partai 57, Cape Town Stadium, Cape Town (Partai 61)

8 Juli 2010, 01:30
Pemenang Partai 59 v Pemenang Partai 60, Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban (Partai 62)

Perebutan Juara Ketiga
11 Juli 2010, 01:30
Tim Kalah Partai 61 v Tim Kalah Partai 62, Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth (Partai 63)

12 Juli 2010, 01:30
Pemenang Partai 61 v Pemenang Partai 62, Soccer City, Johannesburg (Partai 64)

Abdee Rilis Efek Gitar

Tak hanya konsen di Slank, Abdee Negara tetap eksis di dunia musik, khususnya gitar. Kali ini dia meluncurkan produk efek gitar hasil pemikiran dan kreasinya sendiri (Signature Series). Efek gitar ini diadaptasi dari berbagai kebutuhannya sebagai gitaris, yang kemudian dituangkan dalam bentuk efek gitar bernama The Eyes, hasil kerja sama brand Belcat.

The Eyes merupakan efek gitar pertama kali di dunia yang menggunakan sistem Re-Routable Dual Distortion Pedal, yaitu sistem yang memungkinkan melakukan switching karakter sound distorsi dan overdrive secara bolak-balik. Sistem ini belum pernah dilakukan oleh produk efek gitar, bahkan merek-merek ternama yang lebih dahulu memproduksi efek gitar.

Lantas, bagaimana Abdee bisa punya pemikiran meluncurkan efek gitar dual distortion pedal ini? “Gitaris biasanya punya lebih dari satu efek gitar tapi biasanya bingung untuk membawanya apalagi mengesetnya. Nah dari situ aku mulai memikirkan untuk bisa membawa kedua efek sound distorsi dan overdrive, akhirnya cari solusi dan ketemu dengan Belcat yang bisa menjawab keinginanku. Mulanya dari curhat, diskusi, dan akhirnya jadilah efek gitar ini,” kata Abdee.

“Saya rasa (dua pedal) sudah cukup. Karena sebenarnya seorang gitaris dengan satu distortion sudah cukup. Apalagi kalau bawa dua, dan dari karakter sound efeknya bisa digabung menjadi karakter efek yang lain. Kalau kita punya satu efek distorsi karakternya sangat terbatas, tapi dengan dua pedal ini bisa mendapatkan empat karakter,” terangnya.

Abdee kembali menerangkan jika dari awal pembuatan hasil karyanya ia memang berkonsentrasi agar tidak terjadi noise nantinya. Dan setelah melakukan beberapa kali percobaan, barulah alat ini bisa dirilis. “Insya Allah noise-nya nggak ada,” ujarnya.

Disinggung mengenai harga, The Eyes tentu lebih murah dibandingkan jika para pengguna membeli efek distorsi dan overdrive sendiri-sendiri. Jadi, hanya dengan produk dari Belcat ini, pengguna sudah mendapatkan dua efek dengan harga terjangkau. Efek ini sendiri sudah sering digunakan Abdee untuk rekaman dan manggung. “Dan bagi para pemerhati Slank pasti akan tahu, ketika aku manggung sekarang agak berubah karakternya setelah menggunakan efek The Eyes,” katanya.

Peluncuran The Eyes sekaligus menandakan bahwa gitaris tanah air memiliki kemampuan secara teknis sama dengan banyak gitaris papan atas kelas dunia. Awalnya The Eyes akan didistribusikan untuk pasar lokal, akan tetapi karena produk efek gitar tersebut memiliki penampilan simple dan unik maka akan dipasarkan ke pasar asia dan seluruh dunia juga



Teman-teman, bila kamu suka dengan musik tentunya kita sudah tidak asing lagi dengan yang namanya “gitar”, sebagai pemusik biasanya kita akan tahu bagaimana cara-cara memilih gitar listrik yang baik…

Tapi bila kamu masih awam atau mencari cara supaya waktu kamu beli gitar tidak salah pilih, mungkin tips dan trik berikut akan sedikit membantu kamu okeh…!!

Saat ini banyak merek-merek gitar yang terkenal seperti ibanez, gibson, fender, yang beredar di indonesia, tapi apakah benar2 asli, truz berapa sih harga gitar yang bener-bener asli ?
Apakah gitar yang bagus harus mahal?

tentunya tidak…

truz gimana dong.. cZ aku baru mau beli gitar nih…?

jangan kuatir brow… di sini saya akan memberikan pada kmu “tips dan trik memilih gitar listrik ato elektrik yang bagus”…

ini “trik”nya:

1. Saat kmu masuk dan lihat2 ke dalam toko musik, pilihlah gitar yang kira-kira cocok dan membuat kmu merasa lebih pede dengan pake gitar itu.

2. Sesuaikan budgetdengan gitar yang akan kmu beli, so jangan sampai melebihi budget yang kmu punya kecuali duit kamu berlebih…

3.Setelah anda mendapatkan gitar yang kira2 cocok, cobalah kmu mainkan dan petik, dan rasakan saat digenggam..
apakah lebar neck dan jarak fret ke fret nyaman dengan tangan kiri kamu, soalnya ukuran neck berbeda-beda loh..
apabila dalam genggaman terasa nyaman, maka tangan akan terasa bebas bergerak keatas dan kebawah serasa lihai…

4. Faktor utama adalah kualitas suara, jadi perhatikan suara yang di hasilkan gitar yang akan kamu beli.
Caranya :
Bilang kepada penjaga toko, bahwa Kamu mau mencoba gitar tersebut.

Setelah terpasang pada sound…

Chek Noise pada gitar :
Coba besarkan volume gitar dan tonenya
tapi jangan anda sentuh.
Dengarkan apakah ada suara aneh seperti mendesis atau feed back (seperti suara : wwiiiitttt… kaya tikus kejepit ga ya hehehe…:)
bila itu terjadi maka kamu bisa mengganti dengan gitar yang sejenis, biasanya sih toko punya beberapa stok untuk beberapa model gitar.

5. Sekarang cek kontrol tunenya, coba fullkan putarannya, truz dengerin deh suaranya, apakah terlalu garing atau tidak.
tone yang bagus biasanya memiliki keluaran yang teratur, jadi semakin diputar semakin jelas suaranya….

6. Cek switch, pada gitar biasanya terdapat pick up, ato bahasa kerennya sih spul, untuk fungsinya untu mengubah getaran menjadi suara. Ada berbagai macam gaya pasang pick up, tergantung dari jenis gitar, contohnya: pada gitar fender : 1-1-1
gibson : 1-1
ibanez : 2-1-2
itu juga tergantung jenisnya…

7. Sekarang lihat jarak antara fret dan senar apakah jaraknya terlalu jauh?
apabila ya, maka jangan buru-buru cari yang lain karena pada gitar listrik atau elektrik terdapat setting rahasia supaya jaraknya bisa sesuai…
apabila terlalu jauh maka akibatnya saat kita mainkan akan terasa tanggung, dan keras saat di tekan…

Caranya :
Lihatlah pada neck didekat fret pertama.
Biasanya pada sebuah gitar elektrik ada sebuah lubang yang di tutupi oleh semaca fiber, nah disitulah biasanya dibuka dan di stel supaya benar-benar pas dengan feel kita.
Hanya tinggal kita putar saja dengan kunci L atau kunci ellen.
Tapi tenang saja biasanya si penjaga toko yang turun tangan untuk masalah penyetelan, jadi kamu cukup lihat saja… karena kalau belum biasa biasanya orang agak susah membetulkan yang kaya beginian.

Sunday, 24 January 2010


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mengeluarkan produk jenis ADIPURE . pemberian Nama adipure melambangkan fitur-fitur utama yaitu kemurnian , kesederhanaan , keasrian dan keanggunan . Meski demikian , kunci utama dari sepatu ini adalah sifatnya yang pas dengan kaki . Dengan kualitas material yang tinggi , kulit halus dan pre-moulded sockliner sepatu ini sangat nyaman dan memungkinkan pemain dapat merasakan dan menguasai bola jauh lebih baik .
inset : Adipure
keterangan :
  • Telapak sepatu yang berwarna transparan dilengkapi dengan alur yang menghadapi Traxion Technologi memberikan ketepatan dan kecepatan dalam mengontrol bola .
  • Bahan 100 % dari kulit asli terasa nyaman dipakai dan efek ringan yang luar biasa .
  • Kelebihan Adipure adalah bobot nya yang ringan sehingga menghasilkan tendangan yang keras dan murni berasal dari tenaga pemakai . Utamanya , jenis sepatu ini sangat pas digunakan pebola yang memiliki lari cepat dan kontrol bola bagus .
  • Bintang pemakai spatu ini adalah Ricardo Kaka’

Other options

Hard Ground (HG)
Jenis sepatu ini untuk digunakan di tanah keras
Memiliki 4 stud belakang dan 11 stud depan
Bahan outsole biasanya dari rubber (karet) atau TPU yang soft

Adidas David Beckham TRX HG
Sepatu ini digunakan untuk lapangan indoor berlantai halus
Tidak memiliki stud
Bahan outsole dari rubber

Adidas Adipure Indoor

Turf (TF)
Sepatu ini digunakan untuk lapangan indoor dengan rumput buatan
Memiliki stud kecil-kecil banyak
Bahan outsole dari rubber
Adidas Adipure Turf


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15.4" MacBook Pro Specifications
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Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard
Kensington Cable Lock Slot
Internet Access
Built-in full-size backlit keyboard with 78 (U.S.) or 79 (ISO) keys, including 12 function keys and 4 arrow keys (inverted "T" arrangement)
Pointing Device
Multi-Touch trackpad for precise cursor control; supports two-finger scrolling, pinch, rotate, three-finger swipe, four-finger swipe, tap, double-tap, and drag capabilities
Removable 50-watt-hour lithium-polymer battery; Charge indicator LEDs located on left side of notebook's casing
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